To meet the challenge of collecting from insolvent and problem accounts, the firm has assembled a team of professionals with proven expertise in all aspects of federal court litigation, PACA reparation proceedings and USDA regulatory matters.


The firm's attorneys have represented many of the largest PACA trust claims in history and have successfully recovered many millions of dollars in produce receivables for some of the largest players in the produce and food industries.


Because some of the best credit decisions are those which help you avoid trouble in the first place, the firm provides experienced commercial credit and collections counseling to the key financial personnel within each of its produce industry clients.


At every level, the assistance of an experienced PACA lawyer can greatly increase the effectiveness of your credit department and greatly reduce your exposure to bad debt and other credit related losses.


Keaton Law Firm, P.C. is a law firm with a coast-to-coast practice exclusively dedicated to the enforcement of PACA ("Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act") trust rights and produce industry collections. To avoid the inherent conflicts of assisting produce debtors in anyway, our firm is unique in that our lawyers represent PACA creditors ONLY. We know that our clients in the produce industry need the most effective advocacy and the most skillful PACA attorneys to provide them with the skillful guidance necessary when it comes to PACA collections and problems with their customers. If you would like to learn more, we welcome your toll-free call and will discuss how we can best assist you.

Because nearly every situation is different, we highly recommend calling us right away to discuss any slow payment problems with your buyers and
account debtors. As always, there is no charge for such initial consultations.
It cannot be stressed enough that “timing is everything.” The buyer’s ability to repay your debt is not going to get better with each passing day,
regardless of how hard they try to convince you otherwise. The only sure way to get your money promptly is to enforce your rights as quickly as